Angelina Jolie’s brother lives with her girlfriend in a slump apartment. Why Jolie doesn’t help him?

Actor James Haven – the only brother of star Angelina Jolie – lives privately at his girlfriend’s apartment in a slump in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Although from a famous Hollywood movie family and an actor himself, James Haven rarely appeared in public. Paparazzi recently discovered he was spending time at his girlfriend’s apartment in his old apartment complex. James, 47, wears a mask and sunglasses that are closed despite the darkness.

James Haven – brother Angelina Jolie – showed up outside of his girlfriend’s house in upstate Los Angeles this week.

The source revealed that her brother Angelina Jolie “hid” in her girlfriend’s apartment during the season. James Haven is easily recognized by residents of this area because he is tall and wears dark glasses all night and day.

Far from the luxurious life of Angelina Jolie, her brother’s apartment complex was quite shabby. It had deteriorated, rats running around, and garbage furniture piled up on the sidewalk outside. A one-bedroom apartment here costs only 1,450 USD. Next to the block is the Xposed striptease club where two men were shot dead in 2016 from a lost wallet. This is also the area with a high crime rate and increased significantly in the last year’s epidemic season.

The old apartment building where her brother Jolie is staying with his girlfriend.

“It was a stuffy and messy place,” said one resident. Many homeless people live in the bushes among the rubbish piles on the sidewalks and rats are running around. The streets are always busy but there is an unpleasant vibe. Here. People seem to be calculating. When night falls, this is not the place you want to go around. It’s pretty scary. ”

James Haven’s girlfriend is Reign – a female martial arts teacher from Arkansas, USA. She and James dated for more than ten years. The couple attended the launch of Angelina Jolie’s Salt film in 2010. During the translation, Reign made a living by opening an online karate class.

James Haven and his girlfriend.

James Haven and Angelina Jolie used to be very close, but according to sources, the two brothers have lived separately for several years, rarely seeing each other. James used to be a full-time nanny for his sister when Angelina was settling for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016.

James Haven looks after Angelina in 2016.

“The two brothers used to be tied together. He always accompanied Angelina and is a close friend, devoted brother”, the source revealed. “James helps his sister take care of six children and can be a nanny whenever Angie and Brad want to have a private time together. Everyone in the family is very comfortable with James. But suddenly it is unclear.” For some reason, the two Angelina sisters rarely meet. Maybe they are still in contact but not seeing each other. Each has its own life.

Not as successful in their career as Angelina Jolie and their father – actor Jon Voight, James Haven only participated in more than a dozen movies and stopped acting in 2013. It is reported that James received 10% The sister’s income is made up of a private family agreement when their deceased mother is still managing Angelina’s finances.

Angelina Jolie with her older brother (left) and 2000.

In 2000, Angelina and her brother caused a stir when they kissed their lips on the red carpet of the Oscar ceremony. At that time, Angie won the golden statue of Best Supporting Actress with the movie Girl, Interrupted. She did not hesitate to express her passionate love for her close brother and thanked James when accepting the award.

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