Be wary of speedy whitening cream

At present, there is a very worrying situation that many women rumor, word of mouth, hand-sell the product, often of unknown origin, called “instant whitening cream”, formerly known as “self-mixing cream. processing ”. When using “rapid skin whitening cream” containing corticosteroids, in the first time, many women feel their skin is more beautiful, reduce acne, but then, a series of adverse effects occur such as: atrophy skin, capillary dilatation, erythema, stretch marks, photosensitivity, acne pustules, pigmentation disorders.

Typically there is a homemade cream formula with the formula: Aspirin pH8 tablet, Cortibion ​​cream, Becozyme tablet, antibiotic Lincomycin. This product is very harmful, has harmed the facial skin of many women. Because of the ingredient Cortibion, which is the brand name of corticosteroids that are very damaging to the skin, aspirin has acidic properties that erode the skin, and the antibiotic Lincomycin is never used on the skin. Because homemade creams contain corticosteroids, when first applied to the skin, corticosteroids are in the whitening blending cream, treat acne, melasma, even help to whiten skin super speed. It also helps to smooth the skin, especially during the first period of use. However, if used long term or stopped applying, it will have formidable side effects for the skin that are atrophy, stretch marks, skin susceptible to infection due to loss of resistance, or long-term use of smooth facial skin. Where the membrane is not seen but acne will be found. blisters all over the face. Not only that, if applied for a long time, the drug can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, making pre-pubertal girls dysfunctional hair growth. The homemade ice cream mentioned above is also produced by hand, which is very dangerous for a long time.

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