“Curse” number 3 makes Tom Cruise miserable because of marriage: His wife gets divorced every time he reaches the age of 33, all 3 marriages have never been different.

Many people believe that the number 33 is the unlucky number of beauties married to actor Tom Cruise.

With roles in the world’s leading blockbuster series, Tom Cruise is considered a legend of the Hollywood movie capital. Contrary to the success of his career, the actor did not have much luck in love. Up to now, despite having passed 3 wives, Tom still has not found the destination of his life.

Notably, all 3 of Tom’s ex-wives are actors and divorced him when they turned 33. The breakup repeated 3 times at the same time, making the audience extremely surprised and “shocked” me” before this strange coincidence. Many people believe that this actor has been entangled with the “curse” of the unlucky number 33 that made him break up with all 3 previous wives.

First wife – actress Mimi Rogers

In 1987, Tom met and married actress Mimi Rogers – a beauty 9 years older than him. Only 2 years later, the cult couple divorced and ended their marriage quickly. However, this did not surprise the public because at that time Tom was only 24 years old, still quite young and immature. Meanwhile, Mimi filed for divorce from her young husband at the age of 33. Although they have only been together for 2 years, she is one of the important people who make Tom as he is today.

Tom and his wife Mimi when they were first married. Although she is almost 10 years older than her husband, the actress still looks very young when standing next to her young husband

Second wife – actress Nicole Kidman

The second marriage of the American actor lasted a decade with actress Nicole Kidman. In 1990, the 23-year-old girl Nicole became the wife of the most famous man in Hollywood. The couple did not have children but adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. After 10 years, Tom and his wife officially divorced – also when Nicole turned 33 years old. Many viewers quickly discovered the coincidence between Nicole and Mimi.

Once again, Tom divorced his wife when she turned 33

3rd wife – actress Katie Holmes

In April 2006, Tom and his girlfriend Katie Holmes welcomed the birth of little princess Suri. Half a year later, the couple officially got married and became husband and wife. TomKat at that time was one of the cults and famous couples in showbiz. Thinking that this perfect family of 3 would be happy together for a long time when Katie was 33 years old, the couple went their separate ways to the amazement of the audience. The 33-year-old “curse” has been repeated for the third time, making many people unable to believe this is just a coincidence.

Whether they were together for 2 years or 10 years, the actor’s marriage was still broken when his wife was 33 years old

9 years, Tom still has not remarried after divorcing Katie. Netizens think that after 3 breaks, Tom no longer hopes for a happy married life

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