Eating cheese can cause obesity?

Cheese is a dairy product, used as a nutritional supplement to the daily diet of many people in the family. However, because of the diverse nutritional value and fatty aroma of cheese, many people worry: whether cheese has too much fat, makes it difficult to digest, or causes overweight or obesity. ?

Computing the energy balance between energy income in days (total energy from food, drinking water taken into the body) and energy expenditure (energy to maintain body and movement), if officials This balance reaches a balance, the body will not gain unwanted weight. However, just need about 70 kcal per day (about 1 large banana or 12g french fries) for 7 consecutive days, it will increase 0.5 kg, lasting for a month, it will increase 2 kg, to 01 five, from an ordinary person to an obese person.

Energy needs of a person vary depending on age and sex, level of physical activity … Children over 1 year old weighing 10 kg need about 1000 kcal / day, 6 years old 20 kg children need approximately 1500 kcal, person about 1600 kcal (female, short, less physically active) to 2200-3000 kcal (male, tall, hard exercise). With a 15g triangle cheese tablet, it provides 39 kcal of energy, not a “big contribution” to one’s daily diet. With 3.2g of fat in a triangle cheese is equal to half a teaspoon of fat, or 6g of peanuts (about 4 boiled peanuts) there is nothing “too much”, when the demand for fat. need about 20g / person / day as recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition of Vietnam. Children need a lot of fat to provide energy for growth and brain structure, perfecting the nervous system.

Obesity is often caused by eating too much fat and sweeteners. Not to mention, Vietnamese people have a habit of eating a lot of rice, children like fried chicken with french fries and fast food … So the problem is to always know the balance of carbohydrates – protein – fat to match. well suited. Among the countless fatty foods, be alert to choose healthier fatty foods. For example, half a teaspoon of grease has only fat and a little vitamin E, but a 15g triangle cheese also provides that much fat, but has 105mg of calcium (equivalent to 100g of yogurt or 100 ml). liquid milk), lactose to help absorb calcium, vitamin D against rickets, phosphorus, vitamin A, zinc, iodine …

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