Lose weight after giving birth

After giving birth, mothers are more likely to be “depressed” because of their rough body with a “slimy” belly full of fat, and the number of kilograms is still ten pounds more than when their daughter. Someone after “two fire”, the cumulative increase more than twenty kilograms! Therefore, the desire to lose weight is an urgent need of postpartum women. However, a “postpartum” woman’s “responsibility” is to breastfeed her baby and take care of her tiny newborn. Therefore, whether to lose weight after giving birth or not, whether weight loss affects breast milk supply and mother’s health is something mothers should pay attention to.

Mother’s weight and source of milk

After birth, the mother’s body begins to produce breastmilk, the raw material for making a liter of breastmilk a day for babies is from the daily intake of food and water (from 3 meals and 1). – 3 snacks) and from the amount of fat stored in the mother’s body from the time of pregnancy. Therefore, mothers who breastfeed will feel much hungry, eat deliciously, but the fat layer in the mother’s body will decrease daily after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and prolonged breastfeeding 18-24 months after birth. Studies show that the quality of breastmilk can vary from one mother to another depending on the quality of the meal and the amount of fat stored in the body. In simple terms, if the mother eats well and she is a little fat, then breastmilk will be plentiful and more nutritious for the baby. So, with mothers who are still breastfeeding, it should not be a matter of losing weight. If you still have a lot of fat reserves, eat well and do not need to gain extra weight. If you have lost all the fat stored, you must eat more and better quality, to maintain the quality and quantity of breast milk. If you diet to lose weight, the quality of breast milk will decrease and lack of breastmilk, your baby must drink extra formula is a disadvantage for the baby. Not to mention losing weight when a lot of diets will make mothers tired, drowsy, susceptible to infections such as colds and fever, feeling no interest in life and also susceptible to depression, affecting mother’s health when having to stay up late, wake up Take care of your baby soon.

Try to find out how much weight you have left over?

Take your height (in meters), multiply your height and multiply by 22. For example, if 1.57 m tall, the weight should be 54 kg, compared to the current weight, I know the number of pounds you need to lose. Plan for the reduction in the coming months with a reduction of 2 – 4 kg per month.

The goal of weight loss is to reduce body fat by reducing energy intake through diet control and increasing energy expenditure through proper exercise. All other supportive methods such as medication, psychotherapy, behavior change … are aimed at achieving these two goals and maintaining them for as long as possible.

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