Ruby Lin confidently shows her bare face at the age of U50, is she implicitly ‘responding’ to degrading beauty sarcasm?

Before that, Ruby Lin was constantly criticized for her degraded beauty when she revealed her old face.

On a recent personal page, Ruby Lin shared two selfies showing her close-up face after exercising.

Accompanied by two photos showing off her bare face, Ruby Lin also did not forget to say: “Perfect skin after exercise”. Through the new image, it can be seen that Ruby Lin’s skin is extremely perfect, both white and smooth.

Although she is 45 years old, Ruby Lin still possesses beautiful beauty and flawless skin. Many people think that  is implicitly “responding” to the criticisms of her beauty.

Ruby Lin shows off her perfect and healthy skin after exercising.

Previously, Sohu page also published an article with the title: “The goddess this year is no more, now Ruby Lin is an ‘auntie’!”. In the article, this page also posted countless times when Ruby Lin appeared at events, but surprised people because of her face as stiff as a wax figure, dark skin and oily shine.


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