The key to happy old age

Fulfilling your goals for life after the age of 50 can be more demanding, not merely effort, but also a willingness to explore paths that may be beyond what you currently know.

International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) is an international action day set by the United Nations to promote the care and protection of the elderly in all member countries. on October 1 every year.

Are the elderly and the elderly the same?

Elderly From full 60 years old (According to the Law on the elderly 2009).

Elderly :

From 70 years of age (According to the 1999 Penal Code).

From full 75 years of age (According to the 2015 Penal Code).

The key to increasing happiness as you get older

No age can make us give up our dreams and let go of our passions. Through youth and early adulthood, you accumulate a wealth of experiences, both good or bad. You make mistakes, take steps, test new things, meet new people and it seems like every day a lot of new.

By the age of 50, you may have accumulated the wisdom needed to build yourself a stronger foundation with a clearer sense of where your life is going. And then, in a culture obsessed with our youth and age, you are suddenly labeled “old.” Everything changed.

Many people think that old age is just a waiting room for the end – either the elderly get weak, sick and in no health or see old age as a pointless pastime. You may feel you are losing yourself. When you get closer to retirement or you are forced to retire, imagine your life after 50 or 60 when you have free time, no longer working towards your goals, no effort at all. develop yourself.

If you see old age as the time when you stop working and stay away, you won’t be able to experience all the human joys: discovering, growing, expanding. There is no age where we must give up dreams and surrender. Retiring doesn’t mean you give up your life goals, if you feel exhausted, bored, or have a negative attitude, does that mean that what you need to do is reinvent yourself?

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