“The Untamed” actress Meng Ziyi was scolded by management: “EQ is not low, but has no brain”

The actress shared about being scolded by her manager for her answer on a TV gameshow.

Recently, Meng Ziyi posted an article on her personal page with a screenshot of her phone. In it, actress Tran Tinh Command shared about being scolded by her manager for an answer showing low EQ when participating in a TV show.

Specifically, in his post, Meng Ziyi shared: “Sorry to bother everyone early in the morning. I was scolded by the manager again.” Accompanied by a photo of a chat message, she was scolded by her manager: “It’s not low EQ, but has no brain. The mouth is always faster than the brain.”

Manager criticized Meng Ziyi’s mouth faster than his brain.

In response to the manager’s criticism, she just coldly sent a picture of the legendary Zhung mama meme with a tiger bowing in apology. It seems that Meng Ziyi also admitted his mistake and couldn’t refute the manager’s words.

Specifically, recently, Meng Ziyi participated in the 50km Taohuawu program with Guo Qilin. In it, Meng Ziyi was criticized that her ability to interact with colleagues was too poor. Most typically, when Guo Qilin started a conversation with the sentence: “The two of us look brighter today”, Meng Ziyi replied: “Why, don’t you want to stir the couple with me?”.

Guo Qilin gave up on Meng Ziyi.

Guo Qilin then had to repeat his sentence and emphasize “I said we”, “so stupid”. Guo Qilin also commented on Meng Ziyi on the show: “I always want to be careful, but when people see that, everyone wants to tease her.”

Meng Ziyi’s post then received a lot of attention and feedback from netizens. In it, many people think that the manager was a bit too harsh when scolding Meng Ziyi. Others think that the two are quite close, so they blame each other for joking around like that, and Meng Ziyi’s “mouth is faster than brain” answers are also quite cute, creating humor for the show.


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