What is happiness? – What to do to be happy?

If looking for the definition “What is happiness?”, Each person will have a different definition, such as the satisfaction experience, the positive emotion, the pleasure of the senses, the joy of useful for others, is both physical and mental comfort … It can be one or all, depending on the individual in different living conditions, in different moments or environmental circumstances. Each other … And from a medical point of view, what is happiness? What to do to have happiness?

In fact, life is multifaceted with rice and money, sometimes people glide away without awareness of enjoying life, how to realize what happiness is? At a certain point, when someone asks or is forced to think, like in an illness, an accident that requires long hospitalization, losing loved ones … then we will question happiness – quality amount of life in each of us.

To evaluate whether we are happy or not, scientists have researched and given seven indicators of happiness, including: Emotional, Physical, Occupational, Social, Intellectual, Environmental and Morale. Being physically healthy is one of the most important indicators of happiness, and a healthy and long life is highly correlated with the happiness index. So, how to get health? That is, we have to know how to prevent and be cured.

Medicine has proven that, when people do a good deed, being praised, the brain produces serotonin, the hormone that helps us to feel happy, to cheer us up to get to work. is working on another project. Serotonin plays an important role in maintaining a person’s mood balance.

Another happiness hormone is endorphin. Normally, after about 30 minutes of exercise, blood circulation increases and the body produces endorphins, which work to stop pain and soothe discomfort. This substance helps us strengthen our fitness and feel energized, maintains the contentment to have happiness.

In life, we often set ourselves many goals. After making an effort to achieve your goals, personal satisfaction and satisfaction will create great joy. That feeling of happiness comes from the body’s production of dopamine, a hormone that brings pleasure and satisfaction.

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